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  • GodzillaFan1

    No More Admins

    April 27, 2013 by GodzillaFan1

    There are A LOT of users on here that are admin and don't edit or do ANYTHING! That's means almost EVERY ADMIN on the wiki is going to be a normal user.

    Its about time I've got serious making someone admin.

    Sadly, The following users will become un admin:

    • User:Trigger Hurt
    • User:Death Jump 64
    • User:TheToaMaster
    • User:GaryJoak

    Sorry you guys! You guys aren't that active and don't have enough edits so be an admin. =(

    If you would like to be an admin, please go here. ----> How To Become An Admin

    -Your President (GodzillaFan1)

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  • GodzillaFan1

    IM GONNA ADOT DIS WIKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 NO ONE CARES CUZ NO ONE USEES DIS WIKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

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