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    The CD Saga

    July 5, 2014 by Gigan389

    With the conclusion of The CD Saga season 1, i need feed 4and maybe suggestions on what will happen next. If you wish, take some time to answer the following questions, it would really help with the coming of next the next season of The CD Saga.

    • Go for trip around the contry and do humourus things while doing so
    • Continue the battle with Patrixxx
    • Die and fight demons and SpongeBoxxx's soul in the underworld
    • Fight Slender Man, Jeff the Killer, and The Rake
    • or just a series of random connected events

    • Part 1
    • Part 2
    • Part 3
    • Part 4
    • Part 5
    • Part 6
    • Or Part 7

    • The Origins of Evil Patrixxx
    • The events leading up to The CD Saga
    • The events of Squidwarxxx's story before The CD Saga
    • Or the events of Patrixxx's story before The CD

    • Yes
    • No
    • Fuck no
    • Hell yes

    Thanks for your time.

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