Evil Patrixxx and Squidwarxxx drove down the road, happiness in their hearts. They yelled happy things like “FUCK YOU!!!” and “THEY'RE DEAD!!!” as they drove. They looked at each other, and smiled, when. BANG! Another car hit them. Squidwarxxx hit his head on the windshield. He died, and Evil Patrixxx put him into the trunk “See you in year buddy.” and he closed it up. Evil Patrixxx banged his head as Red Fang played loud in the car. He drove through town and police chased. He drove through the street, yelling “FUCK YOU!!!” when he turned a sharp corner. His trunk flipped open and Squidwarxxx's body flew out of the trunk, the police scooped it up and put it in their car. They closed the door and got ready to fire their guns, when Evil Patrixxx got out of the car. He carries two large machetes, and bullets fired threw him as he watched toward them. He chopped each of them up into small pieces. But, one got away, the car with Squidwarxxx's body...

To be continued...

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