Evil Patrixxx was returning to his Desert Camp, he was gonna stay there till Squidwarxxx was better. He had enough CDs and Peanut Butter to last him over a year which was long enough. The road was long, but he had 2112, which he listened to in remembrance of Squidwarxxx.

When he got to their old desert camp there was a group of Jeff the Killers which he quickly shooped away with his spoons. Thankfully though the Jeffs had lit a fire that was big and it was cold and night time.

When Evil Patrixxx started to roast his Peanut Butter over the fire he started hearing sounds like "BOO!!!!" and "Weeeeeeyaaaa-a-a-aaa" and "Spooooookyyyy" and he jump to his feet. That's when the ghost of Spongeboxxx came out from the darkness along with the ghost of that one Dog he ate in the first story. Only now the dog's fur was white instead of black.

Standing next to the ghosts was Normal Patrixxx and Patrixxx (now with a burnt bacon face, dressed as a samurai, and a big ass ninja sword) which was weird because Normal Patrixxx wants to kill Evil and Patrixxx AND Patrixxx, so why were they working together? Patrixxx was wearing the skin and skull of the dead dog from the first story.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!?" Screamded Evil Patrixxx!

To be continued...

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