SpongeBoxxx is the creator of the SpongeBoxxx wiki and he is also friends with Patrixxx.

He is enemies with both Evil Patrixxx and Squidwarxxx

Bob esponja untooned
This is what Spongeboxxx looks like




Nuts Uglyness Hyper Realistic




SpongeBoxxx was born when a super angle came from the sky in 2000.AD and made him out of clay.


SpongeBoxxx sometimes kills people when he's bored. He also avoids Evil Patrixxx because he knows that he is trying to kill him and Patrixxx.


  • Laser eyes
  • Uglyness
  • Being Hyper-realistic


Recently he was thought to be extint, but about a few days ago, a few divers found him walking in the Atlantic ocean, but when they tried to capture him he got mad and attacked them. After a very long fight the divers managed to tie them with a spongerope. Later when they were on the boat talking about how they are going to sell him to the museum he panicked and jumped out of the boat and fell into the pacific ocean where he found an underwater fruit witch he currently lives in.

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