's_Suicide [based on]

the squeakquelEdit

so i wus an intern at nickelodecanoftuna studios durng teh yeer 3005 wurkng on teh show patrixxx nd i watchd episudes be4 dey wer relesd 2 teh publck

the title cards of ech episode were joks lik "y sauce dosnt wurk".

then one day we got a episude we thoawt wus "fer of a krpy pty", the title card said "patrixxx suicide" wii thoawt it wus a morbd jok

it strtd wif patrixxx killin sum1 lik usawul den spoonboob nd him wnt 2 squidzwardzxxx's clarinet preformanc nd it wus bd

Patrixxx dying

hyper realistic patrixxx

so patrixxx silently wakd hom nd wen he got hom he sat on hs bed 4 a whil

den he strtd cryng den he sobed den screemz wer herd den he lukd at teh screen nd he had Hyper-Realistic' bledng eys.. Hyper-Realistic.... 'HYPER REALISTIC EYES! den imugs uf ded chldren apered

1 intern ran awy sad nd 1 killd him slf aftr teh day

den patrixxx shot himslf

den it wus over

i threw up

den i quit

teh end

An da worst part iz, I waz ded all along..

Spooky Skelleton Man Rapist

AND DEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

Written by Habergeon

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