OH PATRIXXX wus a shoow dat lastd frum 3012 - 3013 it wus abawt evil patrixxx nd 96 othur kidz it gawt cancld 4 resuns i am abawt 2 tell u

teh last episoodeEdit

it strtd wif evil patrixxx shitng on a plat (that wus da them sawng) den some1 stole evil patrixxxs coca cola nd drank it evil patrixxx wnt mad nd killd da kid whoo stowl teh drink wif his shit nd killd da teh othur kids bi pulng der heds off hyper realisticly

how i no disEdit

cuz i wus an intrn at evil patrixxx stoodeeoss nd dey producd da show

Written by Habergeon

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