Evil Patrixxx was relaxing at home, eating a dead bear. When a commerical came on... it was a Wal-Mart commercial, and in the background, he noticed a block of cheese for $1.95, so he flew to the Wal-Mart near his home and started killing people until he got to the cheese. He then picked up the cheese, and went home. (Without even paying for the cheese, OH NO...)

Evil Patrixxx was so happy! He took the cheese out of the plastic, and ate it all in one bite...

But what he didn't realise is that the cheese was made of Cyanide, so Evil Patrixxx started choking (but he didn't die, because he is Evil Patrixxx!)

He never went back to Wal-Mart EVER AGAIN!


Patrixxx's Cheese

Written by Habergeon

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