Evil Patrixxx






Patrixxx, SpongeBoxxx


Super Lazer, Eye Beams, Thunder Eyes, Crap

Evil Patrixxx is the creator and leader of the Evil Patrixxx Wiki.


In 2000.AD, Evil Patrixxx was born from the sky. His purpose was to kill Patrixxx and his friend Spongeboxxx.


Evil Patrixxx is known to kill people, even know hes only suposed to kill Patrixxx and Spongeboxxx. He is also known to be extremelly violent.Scientists think this has to do with his hyper realistic appearance.

FIrst Sighting

Patrixxx was first sighted in a village killing eveyone in 2001.AD. This was during the "War of Giants" time, where Patrixxx and Evil Patrixxx fought to the death in 2001.AD. Evil Patrixxx was never seen again after the war, However...

Evil Patrixxx was thought to be dead, however he was sighteed by two hikers in the Himalayas in 1962. He was spoted on top of a mountain doing nothing. At first, he was mistaken as a Yeti but, when the hickers got closer, they saw a giant pin head like creature. The hikers saw Evil Patrixx killing a wolf, so they ran off.

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