You guys know that patrick laughed alot Well all his laughing paralyzed his hear
Scene before he made the certain face and died00:13

Scene before he made the certain face and died

HOLY SHIT patrick star

Patrixxx's face before he died


But before that he made a certain face

everyone was sad that he died (exept squidward)

A few years later strange shiznit has been  occuring

this includes Sightings of patrick,patricks name being whispered,silly giggles that sound just like patrick

And another few years later a strange character appeared

under the name of "EVIL PATRIXX"

Only a few people have known about him. most of the ones that knew about him DIED.

and one day i was just roaming the streets when i started hearing heavy breathing on my shoulder i was creeped out i turned around. Nothing there but i still heard hevay breathing i quickly turned around and i saw what looked like patrick exept he had a knife! i ran as fast as i could but he was slightly faster but thankfully i got to a room that i could lock i locked it he was Kicking and banging on the door. then the door cracked a little and he said "HERES PATRIXX" I jumped out the window i got a knife and threw it at him though it went right through him. i asked for spongebobs help but he said Nope.avi though he handed me the only weapon that can hurt evil patrixx The Gold Sword of Light I took it and battled evil patrixx (here comes the epic battle) He swung the knife at me though i jump over him and stabbed his head he summoned skeletons at me but i took care of them when i finnaly killed him he exploded but then a invincible skeleton popped out and kill me.

and now im dead. teh end

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